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Bernie Worrell & the WOO Warriors

Review 05/02/98 From: PFUNK53

Bernie's in the house!! Bernie's in the house!! Bernie, Bernie, Bernie Bernie, Bernie's in the house!!!!!! The Woo was back at the Funky Fish in Bayshore, Long Island, New York, this past saturday night. This P Funk show was open to the general public for $15 a piece. The show was filled with past, present and future P Funk/ Woo Funk classics. The Woo Warriors were on and smokin'. Below is a list of the players and songs of last nights entertainment. Bernie: Keyboards,synthesizer,melodica....etc and Vocals Greg Fitz: Keyboards and Vocals Mike Ruben: Guitar Van Romain: Drums, Bass and Vocals Donna Mc Pherson: Bass and Guitar BJ Nelson: Vocals and Woobian Temptress The show opened with 'Re-Enter Blacklight' from the very soon to be released Free Agent cd. The live version was a little bit different from the cd. The live version featured more improvesation from the Wizard. I believe the Blacklight cut will be featured on the live cd recorded at the Knitting Factory in NYC. This cd should be released sometime after Free Agent. The next song up was Sly's Thankyouforlettinme be mice elf again, which led nicely into Red Hot Mama. Y Spy from the Funk Of Ages cd was next. If You Don't Like The Effects Don't Produce The Cause followed and was highlighted by some wild jamming by the Woo Warriors. Straight Ahead and Supergroovalistic, one of my favorites, sounded especially good last night. Next up was, Fingers, a new Woo Song. Fingers featured alot of interaction between BW & BJ as well as Bernie's family in the front of the stage. Comin' Round the Mountain led into Baby I Owe You Something Good which led into Can You Get To That. They played Cosmic Slop which was a surprise and then went into The Mask where the band was able to stretch out even more. Van the Man was exceptional as always on The Mask. Smokey, featuring Greg Fitz on vocals was next. Greg tried to sneak a little bit of Adolescent Funk by us in the beginning, but those of us with a well trained P Funk ear were able to pick it up. The Woo Warriors sure do play the hell out of Smokey. I hope they keep it on the playlist in all future shows. The Woo all left the stage and after some pleading and Wooing they came out for an encore. They started with a little bit of One Nation and quickly went into Thumpasaurus which got the crowd into a frenzy. Once again the Woo Warriors led by their Hall of Fame leader, The Wizard Of Woo, tore the roof off of The Funky Fish. BW & Greg are off to the Queen City to rehearse with the Rubberband. BW will return for a special Bill Cosby gig and then it's off to the Far East and Woo Rope for a tour with Bootsy. For those of you out there who have seen the Woo you know how great they are. For those who have not been lucky enough to catch them in your part of town make sure you pick up the soon to be released cd's. Rich ps the barmaids were still saftig !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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